Goodbye to Pruning Hooks

Some really great stories come to end…And as much oomph and grit and stick-to-it-ness as it took to start…as much faith and fire and pushing back fear as you mustered in the beginning is the same amount that is needed in the middle and in the end too…Y’all. Endings. They are scary and filled with doubt sometimes. A chapter closes in the middle of your book. But Jesus is BIG and He has an always plan. And when a story ends, and you find yourself in the pause in between, just know a new chapter WILL begin. So, in saying all of those big thoughts…Pruning Hooks has come to its natural end. What a great chapter it has been. What a great story it is to be told. A rag tag army of women saying YES to serving Jesus. And y’all, we all learned together, it’s just the lifestyle of following Him…just the way it works with Jesus…serve where you are because He put you right there. It is one of the greatest stories I will ever tell in my life. And through it I met countless incredible women and saw the face of Jesus so much more clearly. And y’all…Jody…when God hands you the friendship to walk every step of the way…it is more than you ever hope or imagine. So, let me encourage you…If Jesus asks you to do something for Him…do it…you will never be sorry you did. And if He asks you to let it go, believe Him…it’s gonna be ok. And another story is ready to be written…who knows what all it will be…But Y’all I’m excited! The last time I let go of all I was doing for Jesus, well, He started Pruning Hooks…Cannot wait to see what He will do next. Jesus is BIG y’all…Big enough to write an extraordinary story inside an ordinary life.