About Us

Pruning Hooks is The Body of Christ in action! We are absolutely committed to helping women follow Jesus in SERVING. We are committed to saying YES to living the gospel through loving the people Jesus commanded us to love…the poor, the orphan, the needy, the prisoner, the lonely, the broken, the thirsty, the forgotten…all who come across our path. And we know that we are meant to love with our hands and our hearts and SERVE right in the middle of our lives.

It takes an army to accomplish this LOVE but with Jesus all things are possible and over the years Pruning Hooks Ministries has served with the most amazing women loving Jesus on any ordinary day. So, there is room for YOU to SERVE with us…room for you to LOVE with us…we want you to get your hands dirty living out this gospel with other gals who feel exactly the same way. Jesus is BIG and this rag tag army of ordinary gals allows us to see Him in all we do…JOIN US!