Liz Roberson

10430479_925046157529642_5363440828806779261_nThe one thing that Liz Roberson never imagined doing with her life was music.

“Singing was always extra-curricular for me. I sang for church…I led worship…I was involved in school choirs…even competed some. But ask me if I ever had intentions of recording my music and sharing it with the world and the answer would be no. Never.”

Considering the fact that she’s been writing music since she could form a complete sentence, not doing something with those songs may have seemed strange to most, but to Liz the idea of sharing such an intimate part of herself was simply off-limits. Or so she thought.

“I can’t NOT write music. I can’t NOT sing. It’s such a deep part of me, like my freckles or the way I stand on the outsides of my feet when I’m not paying attention. Music is like second nature, but it has been a struggle for me to open up and let go of it–where I’d held it so close before–and invite others in to glimpse just what God is doing in this huge part of my life.”

Recently, Liz gave up her role leading worship at The Waters Church in Katy, TX in order to focus on her songwriting and to begin the journey of recording her first album.

“It was hands-down the hardest thing that I have ever had to willingly let go of. I had never thought of what I was doing as an idol, but it turns out that my comfort had become my greatest idol. And I had gotten really, really comfortable!”

But God seemed to have other plans for her. And it was in her small (but very uncomfortable) steps of obedience that Liz found herself walking out on the waves with Jesus as she had so often sung about.

“So many of the worship songs that I was drawn to leading spoke of walking on the water with Him. Of stepping into the unknown and trusting Him. But for the first time in my life, instead of just singing words, I was living them out. It was there walking side-by-side with Jesus that I decided there was just no going back.”

Sure life may have been more comfortable and much safer for Liz before this journey began, but she now understands that there comes a time when you have to put some action to all that faith.

“I’m so ready to make a difference in the world with my music, however God may choose to use it. I’m ready to let go and invite others into this [much-bigger-than-me] Jesus story.”

Her demo CD of worship songs will be available by May 16th and she hopes to release her original songs this year, as well. In the meantime, Liz can be found leading worship once-monthly at Pruning Hooks ministry nights.

For booking information, email and also check out her website at to subscribe and stay up to date on future projects.